SOLID Entertainment For PUBLIC VENUES.

David has headlined countless public events and venues over his 20 year career in almost every place imaginable.  Do you run an event center or theater?  Are you an owner of a bar or restaurant and want to bring in more business?   Maybe you have a special benefit that needs quality entertainment?  David is the answer for your venue.  He’s committed to help make your event a smashing success – or at least something close to that.  Wink, wink.

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David can help you as much or as little as you’d like – whether it’s performing his clean comedy and magic show, helping coordinate the best possible dates and promotions, furnishing sound and lights, or providing additional performers.  Ultimately, David’s goal is the same as yours – fame and fortune.   Oh – and creating a highly successful event.   He has the track record at tons of venues to prove it, all for a reasonable budget.  (References available upon request.)


David’s been headlining meetings and events across the U.S. and Canada in almost every venue imaginable for over 20 years.  His clean comedy and magic show is perfect to engage your group of any size and any kind.  You name it – David’s done it – and done it successfully.  Check out the video below – you’ll see.


Show lengths can vary depending on what type of an event you’re putting together – whether it’s a comedy night at your venue or a series of nights, a special benefit, or even a boat cruise.  David can deliver his 45-60 minute solo show, which is sometimes all you need.  Of course, certain events and venues demand a longer performance, like 75 or 90 minutes or more.  David can provide additional top notch performers to fill the bill, just like you’d see at any other major club or theater.  With his vast experience, David understands the production, planning, promotion, sales, dinner, awards, and other possible parts that your event may entail for success.  Just try not to have a 45 hour show.  That might get a little long – and people will hate you.


If you’d like, David can provide his own top-notch sound system, spotlight, and backdrop all free of charge, making your job that much easier, and the show that much more professional.  Just ask.


Being in the business for over 20 years, David has the track record and credits you’re looking for.  He’s learned the inside scoop on how to best get people through the door and leave them satisfied when they exit.  David will work with you on the best dates, times, press, promotions, and more.  Give him a call to discuss your specific needs and he’ll help you as much or as little as you’d like.  He knows what he’s doing – at least when it comes to this stuff.  Just don’t ask him to fix your car.


Do you need the perfect icebreaker?  Do you have a dinner, cocktail, or happy hour that needs some slick, non-intrusive entertainment?  For over 20 years, David’s perfected the art of slipping in and out of groups flawlessly with his personable and person-driven style of close-up/tableside/strolling magic.  David is one of the best in the business and is the right answer for your next event, allowing your clients, customers, staff, and guests to just relax and have fun.  This is just an idea.  You don’t have to do it.  Stop fighting us already.


David has both hosted and tailored material for top corporate and public events and venues.    Whether it’s emceeing your event with his pre-packaged, surefire comedy and magic segments, or something else fun, like hosting a simple game or trivia segment to kick off your meeting, or creating other customized material, David is the right choice to make it happen.  He has the track record and a degree in Business & Communications from the University of Minnesota to prove it.   Don’t judge Minnesota, ok?  It’s a big 10 school, so there!  Ok, judge.

David can deliver anywhere:

  • Theaters
  • Benefits
  • Casinos
  • Fairs
  • Arts Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Event & Conference Centers
  • VFWs
  • Schools
  • Festivals
  • Restaurants
  • American Legions
  • Community Centers
  • Theme Nights
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  • David Harris Clean Comedy & Magic Demo Video

  • Comedy Club Clip - McDonald's

  • State Fair Card Trick - Local ABC TV

These are really funny videos. You should watch them.