Comedian Magician Person

Look at that hair.

two time midwest regional emmy award winner

meet david

Welcome Fellow Person!

Thanks for stopping by.  Whether you’re an event planner, a booker, a fan, or just a fellow human being, I’m glad you’re here!  In fact, my livelihood depends on it.  So look around and check things out – there are lots of things to see!  And most of those things are lies.  Enjoy!


I'm pretty funny. This is what I do full time. Even in my sleep.


I was born with special powers - which I could use at any moment.


Ok, I'm really just a crazy person. I take medication. Shut up.

A few happy clients

  • Amazing magic...Very Creative...very entertaining!

    CBS TV Affiliate

  • You are absolutely, hilariously entertaining... The crowd loved you as usual!

    Coldwell Banker Burnet

  • Very Funny. Clean. Professional.

    Ken Reed, Joke Joint Comedy Club

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