Comedian Magician Person

Look at that hair.

two time midwest regional emmy award winner

meet david

Welcome to my page!  I’m David Harris — THEE David Harris.  Ok, I’m just another David Harris.

Thanks for stopping by. Whether you’re an event planner, a booker, a fan, an agent, a producer, or just a fellow human being, I’m glad you’re here! In fact, my livelihood as a comedian magician person depends on it. So look around and check things out—there are lots of things to see. And most of those things are lies.

In all seriousness, I’ve been lucky to entertain at almost every type of event or venue across the U.S. and Canada over my 25 year career as a comedian magician person. I’ve done thousands of holiday parties, comedy clubs, meetings, benefits, retreats, colleges, associations, festivals, art centers, casinos, and theaters.  I’ve even performed once on the back of a flatbed truck at a county fair in Wisconsin.  On purpose. I just wish they would’ve opened the doors so the audience could’ve seen the show—or maybe I don’t.  My point is, I’m experienced, trucks and all.

I’m truly proud that my act contains clean, relatable comedy and solid, updated magic that works virtually anywhere.  Those that have seen me in person know that I always manage to include the audience in a fun, laid-back way so that each show is special.  My goal is to create an experience that everyone will be talking about long after, even if it’s good.  For real, I do encourage you to stay and check out more…and thanks again for visiting!


I'm pretty funny. This is what I do full time. Even in my sleep.


I was born with special powers - which I could use at any moment.


Ok, I'm really just a crazy person. I take medication. Shut up.

A few happy clients

  • Amazing magic...Very Creative...very entertaining!

    CBS TV Affiliate

  • You are absolutely, hilariously entertaining... The crowd loved you as usual!

    Coldwell Banker Burnet

  • Very Funny. Clean. Professional.

    Ken Reed, Joke Joint Comedy Club

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